“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” (T. S. Eliot)

About us

We are a farm, first and foremost, a family who pledges themselves to an enduring care for the land, with a true passion for hospitality, with the dream of a place to share with friends and travellers, with an authentic love and respect for the Sicilian countryside.

This is Mandranova.


The beautiful olive trees surround an ancient farmhouse, a railway tollhouse, and an old millstone. A garden full of tropical plants. An open-air cistern. We are committed to offering our guests a heartfelt welcome that is nothing short of unforgettable.


Centuries-old olive trees seamlessly blend into the modern and rational olive grove, boasting carefully selected cultivars. Almond trees stretch as far as the eye can see, captivating with the hues of their blossoms and the hum of bees. Wheat stalks sway in the wind, while citrus fruits and fragrant orange blossoms perfume the air irresistibly.

Everything we cultivate is done in harmony with nature, prioritizing biodiversity and sustainability for our planet.


A culinary destination.

Wake up to the homely scent of freshly baked cakes and biscuits. Indulge in a delightful respite after a morning outing. Sip your aperitif at sunset and dine under a sky full of stars.

Things to do

You are most welcome to stroll through the Mandranova olive groves, join tastings, relax by the pool basking in the shade of a carob tree, sign up for cooking classes or boat trips and so much more.

Book your once-in-a-lifetime stay and dive into our unique experiences.

Artist in residence

We conceive nature as art, to be respected and preserved. Natural materials are transformed into creations, the sounds of the countryside are captured in audio, and immortalizing the seasons on various mediums.

We share this mindset with artists, experiencing together the emotions inspired by Mandranova and its surroundings.

Extra virgin olive oil

Our olives are harvested at the correct degree of ripeness and processed within a very few hours, so they can yield extra virgin olive oil that is full of aromas and harmonious to the palate, high in antioxidants and nutrients.

The whole production process is carried out on the farm, from the branch to the bottle. A careful and closely controlled storage ensures that the finished product keeps its quality until it gets to your table.


Almond trees have been growing strong and vigorously on these lands since the earliest of times. You are eagerly drawn into the cycle of seasons chasing one another: an aethereal canopy of blooming branches and bees buzzing around in March makes way for the fruit appearance in June, when you can savour its freshness, softness and elegance. Only later, in August, does the harvesting and processing begin.

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