Alina Vergnano

2019 residency

The artist (1989) uses different techniques such as painting, sculpture and alternative media, all subject to the identification of a human intimacy, to the explication through images of emotions and unspoken thoughts; Working on the moment, on the intuitiveness of the pictorial and sculptural gesture, she shapes the material into sinuous and twisted calligraphies that aim to achieve an indissoluble aesthetic unicum. The vigorousness of the black or white lines that cut through the backgrounds of his works relates to the compliance of the contents, leaving the public with the continuous discovery of an artifact in balance between graphic linearity and conceptual complexity. During the residency, she chooses to use abandoned objects or devices for agricultural work, such as nets, wings and ancient fabrics, working on the concept of stratification and transparency. A path of pictorial works plays on the natural two-tone of the supports used, on their manifest tactility and enriched by traces of oil pastels, charcoal and acrylics.