Federico Cantale

2022 residency

The work created during the residency perfectly introduces us to the sculptural imagery of the artist (1996): compositions of silhouettes always poised between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, between hyperchromatism and monochrome, between scrupulous seriousness and sardonic humour. The small yet towering “temple” built seems to echo the classical architecture of the Valley of the Temples. A totemic shape rises through a triple overlapping of parallelepipeds, all of the same size but diversified in finishes and colours. A smooth base, coloured a deep green-blue, serves as the base for two other more complex bands: a light teal chiselled by curvilinear mottling in bas-relief and a colonnade of white turned wooden elements. A dense forest as if “petrified” and stylized in perfect Templar style.