Paolo Gonzato

2012 residency

Gonzato (1975) searches for the peculiar characteristic of matter, the most obvious, which he strips and redefines in order to return it to a new contemporaneity. He makes small corrections or large revolutions, in an attempt to bring order to natural chaos. The subversive act of distorting a descriptive fidelity rediscovers the essence of woods, fabrics, poor materials and design. During the residency, Gonzato staged a contradictory theatre. Plastic sheets, used for packaging, are the melamine support of large oil works where the figure of the rhombus dominates, a modular polygon and a simple symbol of the infinite possibility of recreation. With boards of various sizes and shades, he creates a precarious and harmonious structure that evokes the spontaneous and chaotically perfect design of the sophisticated interweaving of leaves and plant species.