Stefano Perrone

2023 residency

Stefano Perrone’s “vector” painting (1985) interprets the Mandranova company by creating a work (2023) that combines his stylistic code with the most fascinating peculiarities of the machinery used for processing the fruits of the earth. His works with fluid backgrounds, sometimes resolved with evanescent backgrounds, are the typical backdrops for staging his imagery poised between figuration and abstraction and where the chromatic backgrounds are often cut by vector lines that exacerbate their movements and fluidity. These “vectors” – which seem to coherently inherit his past linked to his long experience as a graphic art director – appear and marry with the complex and articulated themes derived from the digital world. His is a challenge to achieve a representation that speaks of the void and the absolute; In his canvases there is an energy that emanates from the static nature of the subjects, an intrinsic motion made evident through the variations of colour, the inclinations of light, the representation of the constituent material of things.