Our almond grove is part of a project aimed at fostering biodiversity and environmental sustainability.


“Tuono” almonds are sweet and aromatic, the drupe is distinctively big and teardrop-shaped. The “Genco” variety is mid-sized and rounded. It is perfect to snack on and widely used in bakery, namely for the traditional Sicilian biscuits and pastries. “Filippo Ceo” almonds release an intense and well-balanced flavour. Rounded on the outside, white and buttery on the inside, they are perfect for baking recipes.

Almonds contain proteins, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium and are a staple in every healthy and balanced diet.

Agronomic techniques

We adopt agronomic techniques that ensure a most beneficial management of the soil as well as of plants and animals – especially bees since they play a key role in generating the drupes. Beehives are periodically installed in strategic locations to favour pollination and preserve biodiversity.

The harvest

Our almonds are harvested between August and September, depending on the variety. The plant is shaken and the hulls are removed on the spot. The almonds are then taken to the premises to be processed.

Other stages of processing

We dry the almonds ensuring that we leave the right degree of moisture. Next, they are measured, unshelled, and kept at a controlled temperature. They are then ready for packaging and sale.

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