Olive grove

Two main goals are pivotal in the running of our olive grove: the promotion of indigenous olive cultivars and the fostering of environmental sustainability.

Centuries-old olive trees

As they stand tall and majestic, bearing witness to a bygone era, it is easy to see them as natural works of art that fit beautifully into the new surroundings.

Agronomic techniques

Grassing, green manuring, and shredding are all part of our soil management routine, which allows us to protect plant roots, conserve soil moisture and increase the level of humus in the soil.


We use the polyconic vase pruning technique, which respects the physiology of the plant and ensures the canopy gets proper light and sun exposure. Foliage is thick at the bottom of the branch, and it thins out at the top.

Pest and disease control and monitoring

Thanks to pheromone traps and close monitoring of mass trapping of insects, we protect our crops from damage.


The umbrella harvesters are spread below the canopies to let the olives fall gently into them, so that there is no damage or contact with the soil involved and the fruit is not contaminated. Not only does this technique allow for a sustainable harvest, it also makes it possible to relive feelings related to old methods that still prove efficient despite being more complex and time-consuming. From the tree to the mill, in just a few hours.

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