Olive mill

Innovation and technology are crucial to a top-tier product.
By using state-of-the-art machinery and by thoroughly monitoring each step of the process, we make sure our extra virgin olive oils hold exceptional organoleptic properties and each and every cultivar preserves its distinctive aromas and flavour.


An outstanding extra virgin olive oil begins with a timely harvest: olives are collected undamaged as soon as they reach the right degree of ripeness.

From grove to mill in just a few hours in order to prevent fermentation.


A heat-exchange system cools the water, which washes away all dust residues while bringing down the olive temperature at the same time. This is where cooling happens for the first time in the process. In so doing, we seal in the natural aromas of the final product.


Crushing reduces olive drupes into a pomace. Such process may vary depending on the cultivar and state of the olives; therefore, we adjust the parameters in order to obtain a rather strong bitter-pungent structure that best conserves the oil aromas. Our self-contained machines keep the contents away from light and are internally refrigerated.

The next stage is kneading, which results in the separation of water from oil.

Protoreactor and malaxers

During kneading, the oil droplets that are suspended with watery and solid components in the pulp bind together to form larger drops. Technology helps to speed up this process thanks to a “protoreactor” that prevents oxidation.

Internal refrigeration is key to maintaining the right temperature.

Extraction and Separation

Olive pomace is fed into centrifuges to draw olive oil from watery and solid components. We do not add any water at this stage, as this would result in a loss of polyphenols. The olive oil is now ready for consumption.


Deep cleaning and sanitization of equipment at the end of the process is crucial and will ensure consistency in quality one batch after another.

Storage and packaging

Proper storage is imperative as it is in such a way that antioxidants, flavours and aromas contained in extra virgin olive oils are kept intact. Our stainless-steel silos are equipped with nitrogen generators, kept at controlled temperature and away from direct light sources.

We use dark-glass bottles, tin and bag-in-box containers for bottling, all of which are specifically suited for extra virgin olive oil and ensure proper conservation of the product.

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