Whether in wintertime inside the farmhouse or in summertime in the garden, under the shade of trees or under the stars, we offer traditional Sicilian dishes with a modern twist.

Having the wellbeing of our guests at heart, we pay special attention to the nutritional values of our ingredients and are happy to cater to any dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan menu options.

An extensive selection of Sicilian fine wines will introduce you to the excellence of our land.


Wake up to the homely scent of freshly baked cakes and biscuits! Jams and marmalades, fresh ricotta cheese and fruit, extra virgin olive oil and almonds will be your fuel to start off a marvellous day.


Couscous, caponata, salad and cherry tomatoes, legumes… our fresh produce is the highlight of the meal. Every day our staff will set up a lavish buffet so you can feast your eyes and tastebuds on natural foods, local cheese, salads and vegetables straight from our garden, as well as fruit and sorbets.


Savor an aperitif in the garden, as the sun sets in a blaze of intense colours. Let the fragrance of orange blossoms and aromatic herbs envelop you. Enjoy dinner, whether at communal tables or in a private setting, under the shimmering stars and feel the refreshing sea breeze in the air.

Our refined cuisine is crafted exclusively from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Enhancing the experience, a fine glass of wine perfectly complements the ambiance and flavours. Experience the enchanting, magnificent atmosphere firsthand.

Vegetable garden

There is a pleasure in watching nature proceed and evolve at its own pace and such pleasure goes hand in hand with the certainty that it will pay you back with healthy, genuine products. We rely on natural fertilizers, insect pollinators and constant irrigation to guarantee sustainable crops and help preserve biodiversity.


We like to perpetuate the ritual of making bread, and one can hardly resist the fragrance of a just-baked loaf coming right out of the oven.

It all starts with an accurate selection of Sicilian flours, the use of sourdough starter, minute calculations of leavening times and degree of humidity; the results are just incredible.

Cooking classes

We are happy to share our family recipes with our guests and let them in on our culinary “secrets”. From street food to the more sophisticated monsù dishes, let your senses take in a host of scents and flavours, creating an unforgettable experience.