Make the most of your stay

We offer a range of exclusive experiences to suit the diverse interests of our guests who love culture, agriculture, food, and the wellbeing of both the body and mind.

Olive Grove tour and tasting experience

A stroll through the olive grove, a tour of the olive mill and a taste of our extra virgin olive oils will take you on a journey through the ins and outs of extra virgin olive oil production, the nutritional qualities that make it such a powerful ally for our health, the aromas and feelings on the nose and mouth.

Cooking classes

We are happy to share our family recipes with our guests and let them in on our culinary “secrets”. From street food to the more sophisticated monsù dishes, let your senses take in a host of scents and flavours, reminiscent of an unforgettable experience.

Sports and activities

Look no further for activities that regenerate your body and soothe your soul, like jogging through the olive groves, riding a bicycle up and down rolling hills or as far as the seashore, walking on a sandy beach and swimming.


Unspoilt beaches await you along the coast only few kilometres away from Mandranova. You can easily get there by car or on a boat trip. No need to worry about your picnic, we will take care of that too. On your way back, a light tan and a reinvigorating feeling will have you reminisce on such a memorable day.

Out and about

With so much culture and so many archaeological sites, nature reserves and contemporary artworks, the surroundings of Mandranova are a veritable trove of hidden gems.