Our story

“In the vacant places we will build with new bricks, where the bricks are broken we will build with new stone, where the beams are rotten we will build with new timbers, where the word is unspoken we will build with new speech.” (T. S. Eliot)


In the 70s, hopes of a different, more prosperous future forced young generations to settle in urban areas, driving them away from the countryside.

Today, we come back to it, filled with an encompassing passion, inspired by the enthusiasm to create, to change, to modify and to improve so that nature gets the respect it needs.


Giuseppe and Silvia have decided to devote themselves entirely to the farm, while their son Gabriele embodies the forward looking vision of Mandranova’s future.

Giuseppe and Gabriele tend to farming chores and the crops, to the processing of products and to the olive mill. Silvia oversees the hospitality and shares and works alongside Gabriele in running the kitchen.


Mandranova brings together agriculture, hospitality, catering, oleo tourism and culture, with the aim of communicating and spreading the deep-running values that they believe in.